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Back orifice client and server

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Back Orifice (often shortened to BO) is a computer program designed for remote system administration. It enables a user to control a computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system from a remote location. The name is a play on words on Microsoft BackOffice Server software. Back Orifice was designed with a client–server architecture. Back Orifice is a tool consisting of two main pieces, a client application and a server application.

The client application, running on one machine, can be used to. Back Orifice comprises two modules, one server module and one client module. The client module is used to control the server module running. The Back Orifice Server Contains the Following Functionality HTTP server Upload and download files on any port using a www client such as Netscape.

Back Orifice XP is a network remote administration tool, gives Based in BO2K but with a new plugin architecture. The BOXP Client. Back Orifice Protocols/Services: The Back Orifice Trojan uses encrypted UDP packets for server/client communications.

The packet format is. Aliases: Back Orifice, BO, CDC-BO, BOSERVE, BOCLIENT, Orifice, Hacktool, in MS-DOS mode) and delete the BO server from Windows system directory. Cult of the Dead Cow Back Orifice Backdoor All data sent between the client and server is encrypted, however it is trivial to decrypt the data. Back Orifice BO Definition - Back Orifice (BO) is a remote administration system that The name is a play on words of Microsoft's BackOffice Server software.

The system's client side is installed on another computer where the administrator . Full description: Once installed, Back Orifice listens at a port. The attacker can use either a GUI or a text-based client to control the remote Back Orifice server.


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